Dear CAJ members,

As I finish my first year as President I am very excited about the efforts of CAJ. This year we helped bring you 7 wonderful clinics at CASMEC including:
Vocal Clinics by Matt Faulkner, Keith Pederson, Jennifer Barnes, and Roger Treece. In addition we had instrumental and improvisation clinics by Mike Dana, Make Kamuf, and John Maltester. We also had a wonderful concert performed by the USAF Commanders Big Band.

The deadline for clinics and performances has just passed and I am pleased to announce that we have 15 applications for clinics and 9 applications for performances. This is the most applications that we have ever received and the CAJ Board is looking forward to selecting the groups and clinics that will be featured at CASMEC in 2016 San Jose.

Conductors for the 2016 All-State Honor Jazz groups will be:
Jr. High – Justin Padilla, Oak Middle School
High School – Steve Roach, Sacramento State University
Vocal – Kate Reid, University of Miami

I just returned from the Stand Up 4 Music Coalition meeting in Sacramento on May 21st and was able to meet with my Senator, Andy Vidak and speak with him regarding the state of music education in our schools. I also met with the Communication Directors of three other Senators and two Assemblymen and gave them an update on SB 275 the Bill to get the Visual and Performing Arts standards updated. Each group we met with was very supportive. Because of their support, the Bill was passed unanimously in the Senate last week and will now go to the State Assembly.

Finally, through advocacy and visits to the State capital, I hope that CAJ’s voices will be heard to make sure that Jazz remains a vital part of a quality education in California. Please go to and register your email address so that you can be notified when music education issues come to the fore in our legislature. Also check out to get info on how music increases brain function and helps our students to do better in school and society.

Finally, visit our website at and check out the resources available to you there as well as the Board page to see how many great educators from our state are working together to promote Jazz in California. Finally, join our organization! We are shaping the course of Jazz Education and we need your input and your help.

Lisa Butts
President, CAJ