The entire Board of the California Alliance for Jazz is completing a wonderful year of supporting jazz. The Board is very excited about our past year helping to keep jazz at the forefront of music education in California. We have been working hard to make sure that jazz has an impact on our state. Our Board continues to select and oversee the clinics and jazz performances at CASMEC to provide the best possible experience for the educators of our state. We sponsor the All-State Vocal and instrumental ensembles made up of the best musicians in the state and we work hard to ensure the top conductors in the nation are in front of those groups. This year’s conductors slate will be Justin Padilla from Oak Middle School, Kate Reid from the University of Miami, and Steve Roach, Director of Jazz Studies from Sacramento State. We are proud to be able to offer these wonderful conductors to the jazz students of the state and we would like to thank the members of CBDA, SCVA and ACDA for supporting us in our efforts.

We have a lot of things planned for the coming year, besides the annual CASMEC conference, our Jazz Championships festival will again offer wonderful feedback to all the groups attending as well as sending plaques. We are also working to provide custom tailored feedback experience to groups that take advantage of our virtual clinic experience to be rolled out soon. It’s a great time to become a member of CAJ. Please visit our website at and join us in helping to ensure our uniquely American art form, jazz, is provided for all students in our state.


Lisa Butts
CAJ President