The California Alliance for Jazz is a state-wide organization with a mission to promote and facilitate the growth of jazz through education and performance of jazz music. The CAJ strives:

  • to foster and promote the understanding and appreciation of jazz and its artistic performance;
  • to lend assistance and guidance in the organization and development of jazz and popular music curricula in schools and colleges to include instrumental and vocal ensembles of all types and sizes;
  • to foster the application of jazz principles to music materials and methods at all levels of education both public and private;
  • to disseminate educational and professional news of interest to music educators;
  • to assist in the organization of conferences, clinics, festivals, and symposiums;
  • to cooperate with all organizations dedicated to the development of musical culture; and
  • to recognize those who contribute to jazz education and to the evolution of the music in our state.

The California Alliance for Jazz is an independent non-profit 501c3 organization. We sponsor the California All-State High School Honor Vocal Ensemble, as well as the All-State Jr. High and High School Instrumental Jazz Ensembles each year. Upon our inception in 2009, we established a California Jazz Educator’s Hall of Fame and since have nominated and inducted many deserving honorees each year. We also sponsor the CAJ Championships, a virtual jazz festival for school ensembles by which travel expenses can be saved yet top professional feedback can be received. We are a vital and growing organization which already includes several of the top jazz teachers and players in our state and beyond. Your involvement is welcomed and encouraged. JOIN NOW for a modest $50/year and be part of our future.